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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
and representative paul ryan face off on thursday night in kentucky. anticipation for that on both sides. >> what can we expect to see in that debate? >> it's going to look and feel a lot different presumably than 2008 when joe biden and sarah palin went head-to-head. they're going to be policy heavy. specific on substance. biden doesn't have any public events scheduled until thursday when he's in wilmington, in delaware getting ready for this. paul ryan telling one outlet he expected to come at him like a cannonball. interesting to see and may change the narrative this weekend later into the weekend. >> interesting. hallie jackson live in washington. thank you, hallie. >> pretty quiet ride this monday morning. if you're heading out any time soon. let's update you on your speeds around the area. so far, so good as you can see moving well from 95 all the way to 795. going to travel south on the jfx. 53 at 28th street. 57 on the west side past i-70. moving well from marionsville. average speed, 65 southbound past the glen burney area. take you to a live look at traffic and ft. mchenry coming toward us,
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
run. ryan roberts with a rainbow. 3-0, tampa. more than enough for jeremy hellickson. the hormone hatcher. adam jones cannot get that -- the homerun hat trick. buck showalter put the season in perspective. >> they are looking forward to the opportunity. it is a tough road. it is a challenge. we are feeling good about the opportunity we have earned by being x number of teams left. >> 10 teams left. if the orioles win, they open the division playoffs on sunday against the yankees. ravens and kansas city. they are 1-3. ray lewis is aware that kansas city has a dangerous weapon. stray >> speak -- straight speed. you see him open field. he jumps out of a gap and he is out of the gate. we applied before and we know what we're up to. it will be a big test for us. >> if the orioles win, they are home against the yankees. >> i would imagine buck showalter getting serious consideration for manager of the year. >> 71 degrees at the airport. a new proposal could have to pay more for electricity. >> we are loading more about the officers involved in the death of a drug suspect. >> president ob
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2